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A tradition passed down
from generation to generation


Pellegrini shirts,
best for the hunter


The best gift
for a hunter


“You don’t become a hunter, you are born as a hunter …”

The tradition of hunting that is passed down from generation to generation is the basis of the hunting code and hunting ethics of every hunter.

Hunting ethics is something that is a matter of individual awareness and relationship towards nature. Every trip to nature and going hunting obliges you to have a deep respect for nature and the animals that you hunt, and therefore your appearance and your attire for hunting is a reflection of that respect. One of the essential details in a hunting suit is a hunting shirt. Our company has a long hunting tradition as well as a tradition of making high-quality men’s shirts.

Our quality and tradition are evident in every detail of the PELLEGRINI shirt. In order to create a shirt that meets the requirements of every hunter, we must be present in the hunt, engage in the hunt, be in constant contact with the hunters, and pay careful attention to their needs. That is why our shirts are different, because they follow the requirements of all hunting conditions, they are of the highest quality, and we create shirts that will last for you as our tradition lasts.


The spirit of hunting and experiences in nature

Our style

Specially selected designs for hunting or a festive hunting occasion

About us

Over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing shirts