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(JIG 1). Home / Hydrometers / Aviation Fuel Testing Kit Thermohydrometer, API scale, range 40/75 API, temp range 0/130F, length 190mm for use in syringe kit . Starting at $1,037.72. NFPA 407 is published by the National Fire Protection Association of Quincy, MA, while ATA 103 is published by the Air Transport Association of America in Washington, D.C. For metric density, ASTM 321H covers the range from 775 to 825 kg/m³, avoiding the need. To measure density of a fuel sample a hydrometer is used, where a graduated scale on a float is read visually. Professional quality fuel hydrometer! CLOSED CIRCUIT FUEL SAMPLER (4L, W/ SHELL INTERNAL WATER DETECTOR FITTING) USUALLY SHIPS IN 8-10 DAYS. Stainless Steel buckets for fuel sampling, 8, 10, 12 or 15 litre capacity with bonding wire and clip. All aircraft fueling facilities must be designed and equipped with Emergency Fuel Shutoff Stations capable of shutting off fuel flow to all dispensing outlets. Aviation fuel hydrometer, offered in both specific gravity or density scales. The receiving tank should be allowed to settle as long as possible before dispensing fuel from it. We have trained technicians waiting to answer your questions! Tax: £16.90 . We distribute, design and manufacture a wide variety of components and equipment for putting refuelling aircraft, both fixed facilities and supply vehicles. The choice of alternative procedures depends upon the equipment at hand and on the circumstances under which the aircraft is to be weighed. Two important references for aviation fueling professionals are NFPA 407 "Standard for Aircraft Fuel Servicing" and ATA Specification No.103. Pear Canada brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and quality products to the aviation fuel handling industry. Zeal branded hydrometers for testing density of fuels. View our FAQs for commonly asked questions. Category: Oxidation Stability. Specific Gravity: .700 - 1.000 based at 60°F. HYDROMETER (800/850 KG/M3, ASTM 315H, PLAIN FORM, METRIC DENSITY) - NIST TRACEABLE. Undissolved (i.e. (JIG 2).

West Babylon, NY 11704 USA. Brass heavy duty bonding clips/cables for sampling buckets and aviation refuelling nozzles. Each new generation of commercial aircraft produces less noise and fewer emissions per passenger-kilometer (or ton-kilometer of cargo) than the previous generation. #710-60 11” Fuel Hydrometer at 60°F with Certificate of Conformance, 12” Pyrex Test Jar with Green Plastic Base and cleaning Brush. If you are looking for a way to test your fuel, look no further than our Fuel Hydrometer Kit. Cat Id 10/201/ Description Hydrometer - Baumé - 0 to 50° Baume Price Your Price: $78.47 Info In stock 5. (.05 specific gravity increments). All refueling hoses should comply with API Bulletin 1529 and should each be serial numbered and furnished with certified test data. JM-3001-2. This specification was thoroughly reviewed as a part of acquisition reform. Cat Id 10/202/ Description Hydrometer - Baumé - 0 to 70° Baume Price So whilst a litre of 100/130 may not weigh exactly 0.72Kg, it is so close to that, that for most aircraft the discrepancy is . Hydrometers usually consist of a calibrated glass tube ending in a weighted glass sphere that makes the tube stand upright when placed in a liquid. More than half of our employees have been with us for at least a decade. Place the bucket on a level surface and inspect to detect the presence of water droplets, solid contaminants, hazy/cloudy conditions and/or brown slime. Sign up for latest industry news and exclusive offers delivered to your inbox! The most pessimistic case SG of 0.75 yields a fuel weight of 375Kg. Fuel ID: The specific gravity of a fuel sample can also help identify it; Summit Racing advertises a fuel hydrometer kit for about $250. Do not take sample from service that has been standing in sun until it has adjusted to the temperature of fuel in hydrant system. Fuel Testing. Sign me up to the Brannan mailing list so I can keep up to date with any news, offers or information by email. This Fuel Hydrometer Kit will make sure that your fuel is up to par. Hydrometer - Aviation Fuel Hydrometer - 0.775/0.825 G/ML X .001-270MM AVIATION FUEL HYDROMETER - 0.775/0.825 G/ML X 0.001 ADJUSTED AT 15C After the underwing nozzle is locked onto the aircraft receptacle, fuel flow begins only . API gravity must be from 37 through 51 degrees, corrected to 60 degrees F. The API gravity read on your hydrometer should match the reading recorded on the fuel delivery manifest. Including innovative products such as our exclusive fuel saving system for refuelling and dispenser units ECO START STOP. MARS Offshore Helicopter Refueling Systems. Hydrometers and thermometers for fuel density measurement and associated ASTM density correction tables. Installing a relaxation tank in the truck loading circuit or doping the fuel with Static Dissipater Additive (SDA) addresses this requirement. 43mm diameter by 370mm long, opaque. These fuels are all different in the types of engines they are designed for and the combustion and . Found inside – Page 147Jet engine lubricating oils used for preservation of fuel systems are filtered through compound type filters not ... by comparison with known mixture of the proper oil and the various service fuels , using an API gravity hydrometer . Not even another passenger. A product free from water and suspended solids is termed “Clear and Bright”.

Gasoline, Alcohol, Methanol, Methyl Alcohol, Bio Fuels, Kerosene, Aviation, Ethyl Alcohol and Ethanol. Fuel Health: Email: Fax: 631-841-5553. In an environment of increasingly tight budgets and economic cutbacks, it is vital to remain focused on the basics of one of the most essential and yet dangerous aspects of airborne law enforcement-fueling system safety. Since full fuel weighing is permitted only with specific NAVAIR (AIR-5222) approval, a hydrometer will not normally be apart of the weighing kit. 4. Found inside – Page 359gasoline is a very volatile liquid showing a reading from 80 ° to 86o on the Baume hydrometer . It is best for engine use but the cost is prohibitive . It can be seen that the gasoline distilled from petroleum will contain a certain ... Aviation / Diesel Cartridges: Filter Vessels: OCV Control Valves: Testing Equipment: Aircraft Nozzles / Nozzle Rebuilding: Filtration Corporation of America supplies the fueling industry and other industries with filter vessels which are expertly engineered for reliability and ease of use. For avgas, we extended the gasoline curve downward in the same manner. Jet fuel ranges in appearance from no color to a definite straw color. Jet fuel storage tanks should be equipped with proper venting and overfill protection and alarms. Aircrafts runs on aviation fuels, which are majorly of two types; Aviation Gasoline (AVGAS) and Aviation Turbine Kerosene (ATK) .The geographical location of a country determines its weather and climatic conditions, and because of the peculiarities of the properties of jet fuel, the prevailing weather determines the type of jet fuel that is approved for use in each country, in order to prevent . I've found various sources for hydrometers but none that I can see that can be . to ASTM D 943 - IP 157 with aluminum block heater and variable area dedicated flowmeters for each position. Each refueler truck should be equipped with a minimum of two (2) 20-B:C Fire Extinguishers; one on each side of the vehicle. Fuel samples should be taken while the system is pressurized (flowing) to determine quality of stored product. It operates based on the Archimedes principle that a solid body displaces its own weight within a liquid in which it floats. Date of the last filter change should always be marked on the vessel. Joined Mar 2, 2003 Messages 5,800 Location Western Washington. Home / Aviation Testing Equipment / Aviation Fuel Hydrometer Aviation Fuel Hydrometer. Found inside – Page 56USAF Series L-26B and C Aircraft ... Recharge or replace battery when hydrometer gravity reading is below 1.240 . ... The L - 26B has a usable fuel capacity of 156 gallons and is serviced with 80/87 grade aviation fuel ( Specification ...

Tank Dipping Equipment (44) Tank Inspection (34) Intrinsically Safe Products (5) Laboratory Equipment (24) Aviation Fuel Testing Equipment (4) Security Seals (27) Hydrometers. Shutoff stations (typically consisting of explosion-proof, red mushroom switches) should be located convenient to each fueling position as well as outside the probable spill area and near the route that is normally used to leave the spill area or reach the fire extinguishers provided for area protection. Found inside – Page 136Standard test method for API gravity of crude petroleum and petroleum products (Hydrometer method). Annual Book of Standards. ... Standard test method for oxidation stability of aviation fuels (Potential residue method). Where the open hose discharge capacity of the aircraft refueling system exceeds 200 USGPM, a least one listed wheeled extinguisher having a rating of not less than 80-B:C and a minimum capacity of 125 lbs. Hydrometer - Aviation Fuel Hydrometer - 0.775/0.825 G/ML X 0.001 Price Your Price: $99.55 Info In stock 4. To perform the White Bucket test, fill a clean, white porcelain-enameled bucket to a depth of eight inches and let the sample settle for one minute to remove air bubbles. If you have a green fuel with a specific gravity of 0.762, for example, there's a good chance that it's Sunoco 260 GTX. From a technical standpoint, our scales will yield more accurate results than the printed tables. HYDROMETER (775/825 KG/M3, ASTM 321H, PLAIN FORM, METRIC DENSITY) - NIST TRACEABLE. All fuel dispensing systems should be equipped with a Deadman Control. Bottom loading nozzles should be equipped with a minimum 60-mesh strainer screen. Dataset on statistical analysis of jet A-1 fuel laboratory ... Tax: £23.94 . Aviation Products | Sadeco Group Filter/Monitors are increasingly specified for jet fuel service due to the fail-safe nature of the water-absorbing element technology they employ. This an "American Made" product, individually handcrafted with pride!!! Found inside – Page 12Table 1.4 Test methods to determine the properties of aviation fuels according to ASTM D7223 standard (ASTM, 2017o). ... or API Gravity of Crude Petroleum and Liquid Petroleum Products by Hydrometer Method Test Method for Hydrocarbon ... A minimum of thirty minutes for settling should be allowed before gauging and recording tank volume. They cover everything from B-777 hydrant system components to drum refueling of helicopters in the wilderness. Excl. Help Support Homebuilt Aircraft & Kit Plane Forum: orion R.I.P. APS offers a variety of shipping options for domestic and international customers. Proper signage is required for all jet fuel storage tanks and piping. to fuel promptly the aircraft, subject to operational requirements imposed by . adapter kit fuel recirculation: 4930-01-328-8102, (500 gal drum) additive injector fuel: 4930-01-213-3014. All Fuels have a specific gravity. We use cookies to remember your preference and provide you with the very best experience on our website. Ductile iron valves are permitted. Jet fuel storage tanks should be equipped with a positive sump and a manual or electric-driven sump pump to remove accumulated water. Found inside – Page xiFILTERABILITY OF AVIATION TURBINE FUEL FILTERABILITY OF DIESEL FUELS FILTERABILITY OF DISTILLATE FUEL OILS ... API BY HYDROMETER METHOD EXISTENT GUM IN FUELS BY JET EVAPORATION HARDGROVE GRINDABILITY INDEX OF PETROLEUM COKE HEAT OF ... ASTM E100 Specific Gravity, Long Plain Form These are 335 mm long hydrometers, with a range of 0.050 S60/60°F and 0.0005 scale divisions. Footer. For military fuel handling and filtration, Parker AFD has developed & supplied coalescers & separator cartridges for vessels qualified to stringent military fuel filtration specifications, specifically EI1581 and qualification procedures for aviation jet fuel filter/separators, Category M and M100. - (5) Set wing panel switches and gauges and control the amount of fuel being added to the

Start by signing in to view your exclusive pricingor registering for an account. A cable with a clip or plug is also required on each overwing nozzle. of agent shall be provided. Versions with mass flow controllers and…. Our Hydrometer Kit is the best way to verify that your fuel is within tolerance. APSGTP-1858. For any questions about our aircraft fuel quality test kits or for help finding the right test for your needs, reach . Find out more by reading our privacy policy. Aircraft Refueling Hoses 3 in. TWS AVIATION FUEL SYSTEMS 303-768-8540: Home Services Parts - Used Manuals Filters Swivels/Reels Hoses Orings/Gaskets Nozzles/Parts Other Other > Hydrometer Holder Hydrometer Holder SKU: GTP-1073. A hydrometer is an instrument used to measure the density of a liquid as compared to that of water. Closed sampling and product recovery systems for aircraft refuelling vehicles, fuel depots and main storage tank . 40 Gleam Street. KESSLER THERMOMETER SafetyBLUE PRODUCTS ARE READILY AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT CARRY MERCURY. NFPA 407 is published by the National Fire Protection Association of Quincy, MA while A T A 103 is published by the Air Transport Association of America in Washington, D.C. By using our website, you consent to our cookie policy. Aerofuel International offers four areas of . Definition of Joint Venture A JIG Joint Venture is an aviation fuel handling operation where there is a minimum of Jet fuel filter/separators should meet API 1581, Group II, Class B, Third Edition performance criteria and be minimally equipped with an air eliminator with check valve, pressure relief valve, piston-type differential pressure gauge with pushbutton, dual SS fuel sampling probes and manual water drain valve. They tend to remain close to the ground. Found inside – Page 2-88Materials required : aviation fuels , hydrometer , hydrometer cylinder , Aqua - Glo testing kit , FM 10-68 , FM 10-69 , and several 1 - quart ( clear ) sample bottles . STANDARD : You must complete all performance measures within 60 ... Always connect a grounding cable to the delivery truck to prevent a difference in electrostatic potential. Do some research regarding your fuel's optimal specific gravity (best fuel mileage/power) and use this instrument to measure and monitor the quality! Stainless Steel buckets for fuel sampling, 8, 10, 12 or 15 litre capacity with bonding wire and clip. - (3) Fuel aircraft to the Total fuel requirement using the aircraft Automatic fueling mode as determined by an airline representative. SCOPE 1.1 Scope. Hydrometers and thermohydrometers marked with these symbols have special ranges that avoid the need to purchase two instruments to cover the range for aviation fuels. Found inside – Page 749... Relative Density (Specific Gravity) or API Gravity of Crude Petroleum and Liquid Petroleum Products by Hydrometer Method D 1 322 Smoke Point of Kerosine and Aviation Turbine Fuel D 1 740 Luminometer Numbers of Aviation Turbine Fuels ... turbine fuel, aviation, thermally stable (jpts) Comments, suggestions, or questions on this document should be addressed to AFPET/PTPS, 2430 C Street, Building 70, Area B, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7631 or e-mailed to (13,380 kg), for a total of 4,370 us gallons (16,542 liters). Found inside – Page 65Other methods such as the rapid small-scale oxidation method [40] (which is not approved for jet fuels either) could be ... It is notable that the K1 fossil kerosene showed different values with the digital method and the hydrometer ... © 2021 COPYRIGHT AMERICAN PETROLEUM SERVICES, LLC. At the BUYER's request, the SELLER will provide a typical density, determined at an observed . Tank Dipping. Becker Aviation supplies and supports fuel standards with aviation fuel quality control equipment, fuel sampling equipment, sampling kits, and filter accessories to check the color, and screen for water and other contaminants. 3026 NW 72nd Ave Two important references for aviation fueling professionals are NFPA 407 “Standard for Aircraft Fuel Servicing” and ATA Specification No. Found inside – Page 15... Specific Gravity , or API Gravity of Crude Petroleum and Liquid Petroleum Product by Hydrometer Method Fluorescent Indicator Absorption Smoke Point of Aviation Turbine Fuels Water and Sediment in Fuel Oils by Centrifuge Calculating ... If contamination remains after approximately five gallons have been sampled from each compartment, the load should be rejected. Included in this sale is a professional hydrometer, glass test jar, and storage case! Air Beat Magazine So across that SG range of 0.65 to 0.75 in an aircraft capable of carrying 500 litres we see a fuel weight range of 50Kg. While most of the requirements were converted to performance terms, not all requirements could be converted due to the military-unique nature of the . Hydrometers and thermometers for fuel density measurement and associated ASTM density correction tables. Part Number 0904000092.Plastic Hydrometer Jar. 3 Because of its high flashpoint, JP-5 is the only jet fuel authorized for fueling aircraft on Navy ships. Found inside – Page 130Gasoline measuring and testing device . U. S. patent 1,378,280 , May 17 , 1921 . 1586. STERN , L. J. Hydrometer . ... DICKINSON , H. C. , GAGE , V. R. , AND SPARROW , S. W. Comparison of hecter fuel with export aviation gasoline . Found inside – Page xxii... Freezing Point of Aviation Fuels Fuel System Icing Inhibitors ( Ether Type ) in Aviation Fuels Gravity , API , of Crude Petroleum and Petroleum Products ( Hydrometer Method ) Heat of Combustion of Aviation Fuels , Estimation of Heat ... One of the most critical aspects of operating an airborne law enforcement fleet is to insure that all aspects of your fueling operations are fully compliant with applicable industry and regulatory safety standards. Found insideDraining the Fuel Drain fuel from the tanks in the manner specified by the aircraft manufacturer. ... When computing the weight of the fuel, for example a tank full of jet fuel, measure its specific gravity (sg) with a hydrometer and ... Flammable, No Smoking, Emergency Shut-Off and other safety signage is to be provided in addition to product identification. Take Hydrometer reading. 4-6-8 or 12-place apparatus acc. Avgas and jet fuel are formulated for the specific operating conditions and engine performance demands associated with aviation. Water finding paste and paper for fuel systems. During fueling operations, fire extinguishers should be available on all aircraft servicing ramps and aprons. Found inside – Page 33... Products (Hydrometer Method) Knock Characteristics of Motor Fuels by the Motor Method Tetraethyllead in Gasoline ... Quality of Diesel Fuels by the Cetane Method Knock Characteristics of Aviation Fuels by the Aviation Method Knock ... Hydrometer Holder Gammon GTP-1073.

A manual water drain valve (with frost protection) should also be provided on aboveground storage tanks. Safe travel on an aircraft takes on a new meaning as aviation engineer John Bagnall describes the critical processes used to ensure quality control for jet fueling. United States. Brady Instruments supplies the world with High Quality, Hand Blown, Handcrafted, Scientific Instruments that our Forefathers would be proud to have inspired. • Provide a brief introduction to aviation fuel definitions and characteristics • Familiarize you with terminology and industry jargon • Address operational concerns related to fuel • Inform you of research work and possible future fuels • Exchange some insight into the Energy of Flight It's important that aviation fuel be free from water contamination as it can ultimately block inlet pipes, filters and injectors when it separates from the fuel as the temperature drops during flight and it freezes. Zeal branded thermometers for testing temperatures of fuel. If there is a variance of one degree or more from the same supplier, immediate investigation is required to determine the reason for gravity change. Visually detectable particulate matter will appear at the lower tip of the vortex. Found inside – Page 24Fuels and Fuel Systems Coordinating Research Council ... Specific gravity in practice is determined by measurement with a hydrometer per ASTM Standard D287-55 for API gravities , and ASTM Standard D1298-55 for Sg at 60 ° F . Three ... aviation fuel testing kit; api hydrometers; lpg thermohydrometers; metric density hydrometers; relative density (specific gravity) hydrometer; dual scale - specific gravity and baume hydrometers The tolerance allowed for aviation fuel is 1 degree +/- of API from the original COA. Found inside – Page 7-7KAPPENDIX C FUEL CLASSIFICATION ( API GRAVITY ) TEST NSN 6630-00-265-7758 C - 1 . Equipment Required To confirm the identity of aviation fuels , you need the following items : Item Hydrometer , graduated scale , API 29-41 range , 190 mm ... A BS718 M50SP hydrometer specifically calibrated for a range of 0.775 g/ml to 0.825 g/ml @ 15 °C for measuring the density of jet turbine fuels such as Jet A, Jet A1, JP4, JP7 and JP8. 1.2 This specification defines the minimum property requirements for Jet A and Jet A-1 aviation turbine fuel and lists acceptable additives for use in civil and military operated engines and aircraft. 1.3.1. Sample jars & Containers. Here is a partial checklist of safety issues outlined in NFPA 407 and ATA 103 relating specifically to jet fuel handling that you should consider in evaluating the safety of your aviation unit’s fueling procedures: The receiving storage tank should always be gauged prior to delivery to verify that there is sufficient room to accept the new fuel delivery. - (4) Complete kilo/pounds or litre/gallons conversion, when required. Jul 18, 2008 #1 Anyone have a source for a fuel hydrometer that can be used to evaluate whether a particular fuel has any alcohol or not? Miami, FL 33122 Why are petroleum fuel vapors that remaining from a spill extremely dangerous? Aviation Fuel Hydrometers ; Aviation Fuel Hydrometers . Services. Once the fuel is released to this specification (D7566) the . Phone: +1 732 223 4600. Box 400. MIL-DTL-83133F 1. Found inside – Page 5Jet. fuel. 1. Scope. This Standard specifies the requirements and test methods, inspection rules, signs, ... fuels GB/T 1884 Crude Petroleum and Liquid Petroleum Products - Laboratory Determination of Density - Hydrometer Method (GB/T ...

Found inside – Page 130Gasoline measuring and testing derice . U. S. patent 1,378,280 , May 17 , 1921 . 1586. STERN , L. J. Hydrometer . ... DICKINSON , H. C. , GAGE , V. R. , AND SPARROW , S. W. Comparison of hecter fuel with export aviation gasoline . Gammon are Specialists in all aspects of aviation fuel handling and quality control. Use glass or metal Hydrometer. (a) Aviation Fuel Quality Control and Operating Standards for Airport Depots and hydrants. Journal of the Airborne Law Enforcement Association, By Gordon Johnson, Remember me Settling time of one hour per foot of product delivered is desirable. Jet fuel should be re-circulated through filtration on a regular (weekly) basis to maintain product quality. This tool is a"MUST HAVE" for anyone dealing with a wide variety of fuels, to identify the quality of your fuel and or detect contamination. Found inside – Page 883... 18 Hydrometers , ASTM , spec . for , E 100 , 18 Light hydrocarbons by pressure hydrometer , D 1657 , 18 Liquids by ... Test Distillate fuel oil ( accelerated method ) , D 2274 , 17 Oxidation aviation fuels , potential residue method ... . Divisions every 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Jet fuel identification decals employ white letters on a black background. Found insideISO 3675 (1998). Crude petroleum and liquid petroleum products—Laboratory determination of density— Hydrometer method. ISO 6246 (2017). Petroleum products—Gum content of fuels—Jet evaporation method. Mawhood, R., Gazis, E., de Jong, S., ... Hydrometer jars, glass and plastic. API RP2003 recommends a minimum 30-second relaxation period for the fuel downstream of the filter to allow the dissipation of the charge before introducing the fuel into a refueler tank truck. This specification defines the minimum property requirements for Jet A and Jet A-1 aviation turbine fuel and lists acceptable additives for use in civil and military operated engines and aircraft. Using a fuel density of 6.75 pounds per gallon at 60°F, the total usable fuel capacity of a G450 is 29,500 lb. View all. Type : M50SP Range : 0.775 to 0.825 g/ml At a ref temperature of 20°C. 4930-01-418-2694. advanced aviation forward area refueling system (aafars): 4930-01-380-4856, (f42611) Found inside – Page 35FUEL SAMLING USTREAM - LINERY complete protection for hydrometer danger of samples in open containers eliminated no sample disposal problems Pressing the plunger on the new Stream- -the whole operation taking place comLine fuel sampling ... A hazed sample usually indicates either suspended free water or very fine particulate matter. Found inside – Page 298EXCEL - 50 * Trans FUELsion DELIVERS WATER - FREE GASOLINE TO PILOTS ** when thought to be , therefore some To control ... Hydrometers are needed , and according to the flight plan . these may be secured to read in specific Our payload ... Found inside – Page 907Liquid Petroleum Products by Hydrometer Method ” ( incorporated by reference at $ 600.011–93 ) for the gasoline fuel ... Method for Estimation of Net Heat of Combustion of Aviation Fuels " ( incorporated by reference at $ 600.01193 ) . Under no circumstances is it acceptable to receive and dispense fuel from the same tank simultaneously. These hydrometers and thermometers have been shortened to fit in Aljac JM-3001 samplers when the lid is closed. Hydrometers. Select Options. Excl. For underwing (or single point) refueling, a deadman control typically consists of a control valve with a hand-held electric or hydraulic deadman handle (switch) deployed via a cable or hose reel assembly. Rigana supplies aviation fuel testing equipment that detects water and measures the density of jet fuel. 3. Figure: Fuel density hydrometer, native Fuel managing Jet Quality and Test Procedure, number 1.8. Typically, API gravity changes are due to contamination with small amounts of gasoline or diesel somewhere in the delivery chain (tank farm, terminal, delivery vehicle, etc.). Cast iron, copper and galvanized steel piping, valves and fittings are not permitted for use with aviation fuels. DEF STAN 91-091. Samples for Appearance Check shall be drawn into scrupulously clean, clear glass jars or "visijars" (see 2.2.3 (b), . Then add in the fact that many race fuels are tinted at the refinery. Available in L50SP, M50SP and S50SP forms. Hydrometer jars (glass and plastic). Hydrometers and Thermometers to ASTM Standards (37) The hydrometers and thermometers listed in this bulletin are specially selected to cover a wide range of fuels, including all aviation fuels The hydrometers having ASTM numbers conform totally to ASTM E-100. Model # 77763000KAQ (Parker Gold Label) 3 in. Duncan Aviation's Calibrations Lab recently invested in additional testing equipment and the purchase of standards to calibrate thermohydrometers, both working and masters. Manasquan, NJ 08736. Ignition Aviation Gasoline D1094 Test Method for Water Reaction of Aviation Fuels D1266 Test Method for Sulfur in Petroleum Products (Lamp Method) D1298 Test Method for Density, Relative Density (Specific Gravity), or API Gravity of Crude Petroleum and Liquid Petroleum Products by Hydrometer Method D1948 Method of Test for Knock .

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aviation fuel hydrometer

aviation fuel hydrometer